Virtual album "Päikeseloojang" (2009)

CD cover(PDF, to be folded)

Päikeseloojang(English Title: Sunset) (2009) (download)
Here there was partly a link to my imaginary world. This music was as if for an imaginary TV channel for telecasting sunsets.
Laguja künkad (English title: The Hills of Laguja) (2006-2009) (download)
Improvisation from year 2006 revisited.
Sügis (English title: Autumn) (2009) (download)

Ootus (English title: Waiting) (2009) (download)
Idea for a melody came when looking at a fountain in Tartu while waiting for a CD presentation of a good friend of mine, Tajo Kadajas. The idea started to haunt me so much that I went to nearest shop and bought a musical notes book so I could write it down.
Ahnus 3.0 (English title: Greed 3.0) (2009) (download)
Created when it emerged that under the label of anti-counterfeiting agreement(ACTA), new copyright treaty was being made that would set the stage for world-wide US-like dictatorship of the industry. As also the big industries can be quite dishonest, as perfectly illustrated by Edwyn Collins case, the news (that were not reported by the mainstream media) set off a huge alarm in my thoughts. And thanks to this, the Big Content ended up in a song for the third time.
Raadiovaikus (English title: Radio silence) (2009) (download)
Piece is dedicated to the sad situation with local radio broadcasting in this region.
Viimane ennustus (English title: Final forecast) (2009) (download)
Created after the death of meteorologist Krista Odakivi, when I was pouring my negative emotions into the music again.

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