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Tracks that I've composed

1. Öö (English title: The Night) (2007) (download)
2. Mure (English title: The Worry) (2007) (download)
3. Eeter on vaikinud (English title: The Air Has Gone Silent) (2007) (download)
4. Storm Alert (Estonian title: Tormihäire) (2008) (download)
5. Pimeduses (English title: In The Dark) (2008) (download)
6. Ahnus (English title: The Greed) (2009) (download)
7. Tühjus (English title: Emptyness) (2009) (download)
8. Tornaado tuleb (English title: Tornado is Coming) (2009) (download)
9. (Info)kaamos (2009) (download)
10. Öö (2009 edit) (2009) (download)
11. Ahnus 2.0 (English title: Greed 2.0) (2009) (download)

Should mention that I liked to improvise on a syntesizer prior to 2007 as well, but I did not write anything down so I do not count those improvisations. My music is probably Ambient, with an influence from New Age music genre.

The music mentioned above (cc-by-nc) Tarmo Tanilsoo, 2007-2009

You can also listen and download the music from (note - albums aren't really albums(might make one virtual album in nearer future)... Last.FM's functionality isn't just the most perfect)

(cc-by-nc) Tarmo Tanilsoo, 2007-2009

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