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First virtual album: Öö
21.08.2009 21:30

After finishing "Observatoorium", I have consolidated my previous melodies into a virtual album "Öö"(and also burnt example CD-R with the music).
The track list is as follows:
1. Öö (2009 edit)
2. Pimeduses
3. Tühjus
4. (Info)kaamos
5. Observatoorium
6. Tormihäire
7. Tornaado tuleb
8. Ahnus
9. Ahnus 2.0
10. Eeter on vaikinud
11. Öö
12. Mure

The first 5 melodies are chosen to represent night time tunes and astronomy. Following 2 are meteorological themes, 3 following are my protest against corporate greed. Finally, the last two are the first two melodies I have done. Because of their quality, but yet significance of my musical timeline, I have put them into the end.

Download CD cover (to be folded)

Remake of "Öö" out
31.07.2009 22:49

I have done a remake to my 2007 composition called "Öö".

I had been planning to do a remakes for "Öö" and "Mure" for a while due to sloppy way they were recorded, and therefore sounded fairly bad.

MP3 is available at tarmotanilsoo.com, last.fm and Soundclick

Goodbye MIDI!
24.07.2009 12:42

Today "(Info)kaamos" was finished, first melody done in LMMS with ZynAddSubFX synthesizer.

(Info)kaamos was written to mark a local radio station leaving the air. Also so far, (Info)kaamos is the longest melody done so far.

I have now grown out of instruments provided by MIDI and I am unlikely to return back to them.

New one: "Tornado is coming"
20.05.2009 08:36

In May 2003, I scribbled some lyrics in an artificial language I have created(I will talk about this more in the future). Now I have tried to create some music around these words and here's "Tornado is coming".

"Tühjus" (Emptyness) released
02.04.2009 18:35

Today, on April the 2nd, I have released a new musical composition, called "Tühjus".

"Tühjus" is the longest musical piece I have written to this date, and composing it took 3 days instead of one. "Tühjus" was written to mark the closure of Estonian television channel Neljas TV

Melodies can now also be downloaded from tarmotanilsoo.com
22.03.2009 08:44

I have now enabled the downloads of my composition also from tarmotanilsoo.com, which is the website for my music.

Tarmotanilsoo.com comes online
17.03.2009 10:20

I have now launched a web site for my musical compositions. In the future, I may add other aspects of my activities as well.

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