My alternative social media accounts

I’m phasing out my presence on Twitter and as such I am offering following ways of following me over alternative social networks: Mastodon: . Additionally this blog is federated via Fediverse as Instagram: @es5nhc

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This blog is serving as a backup outlet to communicate through Fediverse regardless what happens to the Mastodon. You will encounter a few test posts every now and then but my main social interactions will be taking place at .

Fediverse tweak

Greetings from the blog side. While this blog is still presently on standby/testing mode, I’ve moved a few things around when it comes to configuration and the blog’s presence at Fediverse. Estonian language posts will continue to appear here at, but other three languages enabled for this blog will now have their own handles.… Continue reading Fediverse tweak

A test

This is a test post to verify that the English posts are now appearing on Fediverse as

Hello world also in English!

Installed a multilingual plugin for the website. So while prioritising content in Estonian, I can also offer translations in other languages. Hopefully this will keep the Language Police happy(who is not a fan of websites hosted in Estonia that predominantly use foreign languages).