Fediverse tweak

Greetings from the blog side. While this blog is still presently on standby/testing mode, I’ve moved a few things around when it comes to configuration and the blog’s presence at Fediverse.

Estonian language posts will continue to appear here at es5nhc@tarmotanilsoo.com, but other three languages enabled for this blog will now have their own handles.

English language posts will now appear at @es5nhc_en@tarmotanilsoo.com
German language posts will appear at @es5nhc_de@tarmotanilsoo.com
Japanese language posts will appear at @es5nhc_jp@tarmotanilsoo.com

Please note that if you respond to me from the Fediverse, the comments will also reach this blog, but if I choose to respond to the comment, then I will do so on the blog side.

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